接线举列 Wiring example
图一Fig. 1:一只XKM/JHD-1/a 组成单相四表户接线
One piece of XKM/JHD-1/a series forms into single-phase four-meter household wiring
图二 Fig. 2:一只XKM/JHD-1/b 组成单相九表户接线
One piece of XKM/JHD-1/b series forms into singlephase nine-meter household wiring
图二 Fig. 2:一只XKM/JHD-1/c 组成单相十五表户接线
One piece of XKM/JHD-1/c series forms into singlephase fifteen-meter household wiring
一、产品概述 Genera
       In order to improve residential electricity consumption condition, our company develops XKM/JHD series terminal block .This kind of terminal block enables the operation to be more convenient, and also guarantees reliable connection, and finally reaches the aim of safety in utilizing electric energy. This products get high appreciation from the energy measuring operators one-meter”and standardization of energy measuring devices as well as standardizedmanagement. The products are also honored as national high-quality technological products and are recommended for application by national electric power bureau.
二、产品用途 Application
       采用该接线盒后,可将进户线与进表线分开,解决了以往进户线处并接的问题,相线接线盒盖板还可铅封,以防窃电;零线接线盒可重复接地,符合电能计量规范中"专用、封闭”的原则及《浙江省电力工业局一户一表实施规范化意见》中有关接线的规定。适用于"一户一表”制集表式计量箱 (也称公房住宅一户一表制电表箱) 的配套以及直接用于旧城老区"合表制”的改造。
       Application of this terminal block enables house service wire to be separated from meter ser vi ce wi re, whi ch solves the problem of parallel connection. Terminal block cover can be sealed to prevent electricity theft ; Neutral line terminal block can be earthed repeatedly. It is in conformity with the"special, sealed”principle standardization of one-household one-meter. The products are applied in"one-household one-meter”electric energy metering box.
三、结构特点 Structural features
        This series of terminal block adopt high-molecular polycarbonate material imported from America. I t h a s a d v a n t a g e s o f high impact resistance, moisture resistance, favorable insulation; ageing resistance, flame retardant, high temperature resistant, etc. The binding screw adopts compound recess , which is suitable for flathead screwdriver and crossed screwdriver The products are popular due to compact volume, large capacity, high withstand voltage, reasonable structure, and elegant appearance.
四、主要技术指标 Main Technical Indexes
1、绝缘电压Insulation voltage:660V、50Hz/60Hz
2、标定电流Calibrated current:30A(40A)每路出线outlet of each circuit
3、工作温度Operating temperature:-40℃~+120℃连续continuously
4、工频耐压Power frequency withstand voltage:3000V/分钟minute
5、端子间绝缘电阻Insulation resistance among terminals:>40MΩ





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